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Hours of Operatio:

Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm. A specific time is hard to set for cleaning but you may request AM or PM.

Are your maids contract workers:

NO, they are employees of Todays Maids and covered under our insurance and bond.

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment:

We provide all supplies and equipment. If you prefer a specific cleaning product, contact our office and we will make it a permanent note on your cleaning assignment sheets to use that product,  Please let us know where you store it or please leave it out on your cleaning day.

We use only the best professional cleaning products. Note: We use Endust to dust your furniture so need to worry about furniture polish build-up. Bona is our preferred wood floor cleaner.

How many people are sent to my home?:

One housekeeper is assigned to your home and they will always come the same day and same approximate time. We also try hard to keep the same housekeeper cleaning your home each and everytime your home is cleaned.

Are you bonded and Insured?

Yes we are. Click Here to see our bond and insurance documents. We take great care with every home. However, should damage or breakage occur during the cleaning process, we will make every effort to repair the item(s), or replace the item(s) if the item cannot be repaired. Insurance claims will be filed when appropriate. A bond is an insurance policy covering theft. The policy is payable upon conviction.

How do I pay for my service?

Payment is due the day of service: We have a system where there is no need to give us any of your personal credit card, debit card or check information.

  • cash or check
  • electronic check (link on rates page, no need to give us the information: it links directly to Chase Bank quick pay login. Chase will connect directly with your bank.. Payment must be submitted by the customer not us.
  • PayPal a national recognized secure way to pay via credit card. (link on rates page)

How do you get into my home to clean?:

For Apartments: The leasing office will issue a key they have in the leasing office for your apartment, then with written permission from the resident they issue the key and keep our drivers license as security.

For Townhomes and Houses: For security, the company controls the keys. The keys have tags attached with non-traceable numbers, locked in a secure safe lockbox. Only the manager has access to the keys and the non-traceable numbers.  They are issued to the cleaner the day of service and then returned at the end of the day. Otherwise, keys must be left out for us on your cleaning day. Please call for further explantion. Keys can be left inside after cleaning if you have a garage where we can use remote on wall to exit via the garage.


We would prefer that you do not set the alarm the day of your cleaning. If you prefer to set it, please discuss with the office the special maid code that you arrange. If you forget to turn the alarm off and we set if off, we will make every effort to contact you at work and inform you.

Change in a scheduled cleaning:

We realize things come up, so if you need to cancel a cleaning, please feel free to call or email after hours and leave your name and phone number.

Frequency of cleaning:

We offer weekly, every other week, every third week and monthly service. We will always e-mail, text or call as a reminder the day before as confirmation and a reminder that we have you scheduled for a cleaning the next day.


Please inform us if you have any pets, so we will insure your pet stays inside. If you feel you have an aggressive dog, most customers crate their dog or schedule doggie day care the day of cleaning. With cats we always leave all closets vacuumed open so your kitty won’t be closed in on. You know cats!

Quality of Service:

We at Todays Maids strive to give top quality service. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please inform us immediately and we will be happy to come back and re-do any work to your satisfaction.

Do you offer other cleaning services?:

Yes we do. Please refer to the cleaning servcies page.

Do you do move-ins and move-outs?:

Absolutely. Call and schedule your appointment early!

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