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How it works

After much research of many cleaning services website pages, we noticed if there was an about us page, we had no idea who ran the company. In our about us page, you know exactly who you are dealing with, you see the actual person and about her.

Todays Maids goes beyond cleaning. We pride ourselves on great communication with our customers. Read below for details on how we accomplish great service.

After you have decided to schedule a cleaning, just email us or call us.

  1. After setting a date, we will email, call or text you a confirmation for service the day before.
  2. We offer four ways to pay. Payment due the day of service. Check it out on our rates page.
  3. The day after service you will receive a follow-up email, call or text regarding your satisfaction with our cleaning.
  4. This last email, call or text gives you the opportunity for any questions or comments concerning your cleaning. Your response is entered into our data base under your name and becomes part of the assignment sheets generated  for any future cleanings.

We offer weekly, every other week, every three weeks, monthly and as needed service.

1 2 3 4  That is it, that simple!

We are very quick in our response time.  If you call and get our voicemail please leave a message, we are either on the other line or out of the office. If so, calls are forwarded to manager’s cell phone. If you email, besides going into our mailbox the emails are automatically sent to the manger’s BlackBerry.

Once you are first contacted, you are given the manager’s cell phone number. Many of our customers feel very comfortable texing Judy for any reason.  A question, an unexpected reschedule, extra services request, forgot to leave payment, you name it. It is a sign of the times, we are all busy and texting is a way of life these days.

We love technology, so we now have a QR Code on our business cards and brochures. No need for a laptop, just swipe the QR code on your phone and it directs you to our website and site is configured for phone use.

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